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I will personally thank you in my stream and have you listed on my channel page for your kindness. After all, everything helps.
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Along with the reward from the previous amount, I will create a command in my stream's chat just for you, and we will decide together what it will say. This is, of course, to prevent inappropriate commands.
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Along with the rewards from the previous amounts, I will allow you to select a game for me to play on stream as long as it's appropriate. I can't guarantee I'll beat it, but I will give it a try at least once.




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About Airyanya

Hello everyone, I am Airyanya. I do streams on Twitch almost every day; I'm scheduled to go live on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, but I sometimes stream on my off days too. Day streams are spontaneous since I officially start at 8 PM EST. I showcase a variety of genres ranging from RPG, FPS, platformer, hack-and-slash, visual novel, and more.

The reason I'm making this page is to raise money for not only bettering my streaming equipment, but also to help support my personal life. For example, once I can afford a capture card, I will be able to stream a larger choice of games from my personal collection, and whatever money is left over will go towards my own wellbeing. I'm not asking for your money; I'm giving you an option in case it's something you want to do.

Thank you very much for visiting my Patreon page, and I hope you consider pledging. It will be incredibly appreciated.
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With $100, I will be able to afford a capture card finally! This will enable me to stream (and record) games from my own personal collection, which will make the experience even more varied and enjoyable!
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