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About Akhase Organization

Akhase Is A Educational Platform That Provides Open Access To African American History. We Shed Light On The Significant Achievements And Contributions By African Americans. In Doing So, Our Goals Is To Use Education To Strengthen Communities And Provide Individuals A Sense Of Self-Respect And Dignity.

  • Provides insight and understanding of the significance of African American contributions and struggles here in America.
  • Relatable information: Individuals are more likely to be inspired by individuals from similar backgrounds. 
  • Knowledge opens doors for individuals to grow and become more productive individuals for society. 

Akhase is an organization for the people and we're reaching out to the people, in hopes of support to help expand our reach. All patrons are welcomed, and the funds allocated will be used for video production, website development, as well as furthering our marketing campaign. With your help, we will develop more inspiring videos and make more people aware of the organization and its educational videos.
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