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per Music production,Own song,Covers,Rock covers,Indian touch music

About Akhil Das

Hi,am Akhil Das . Am doing my engineering in India.I heard about Pareon from Youtube artist Leo moracchioli.I watch his videos for my ideas and knowledge about mixing and mastering.I have my own channel in which i play the instruments,i record,i mix and master.The  is about the Music i produce and some covers i do.

I started making Music before a Year or two.I cant forget the first time i wrote a lyrics which was made into a song.It was because i felt rejected from a girl i love the most.The song name is Dont you.

I choosen my career in music ,because it plays with your feelings.I love what i do,and i keep learning from Youtube channels like Frog Leap Sudios,Studio one expert,and random videos about all these stuffs.

I made songs with only a guitar and a processor using a 1mb DAW.But i thing i improved much much better.

With your support,i can buy some used gears like midi controller or Headphones or studio monitors etc,so i can provide you better as i do more.

If you support me by more than 2$ you get Lossless songs, Backingtracks and also you can add me to any of my personal social media profiles and ask me anything you want. Just let me know that you came from Patreon.

The demo is the cover of the song Let me love you by Justin biber and DJ snake.I programmed without any midi controllers.

Kindly Support me.Thankyou very much.Peace :)

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