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About Alanj2007Games (Cryostasis)

Video featured here is one of the best Typography / Motion Design / PMV / VFX work! Check it out! :D

Hey guys, I'm a developer of horror games, I uploaded all of my games on GameJolt which is an awesome site to stay for games. A standard programmer, works on Java and C# and also a Unity user. I would like to continue my development on my old projects, but something holds me down

I'm also a Youtuber mainly; I make various types of entertaining videos like VFX, PMV, AMV, Short Film, Gaming,and more! Some projects that are left abandoned and discontinued because trouble we're having while setting up on our videos! My PC was a high-end ones but it's getting worse and being one of the worst ones in this generation. That's why we need your help! Your donation could help us a ton, and we promise that our content will get better than ever! :D

I don't have anything to give you guys as a reward, but if we could make this a bigger thing, and I could afford so much thing with the supports you gave me then I will try my best to give you guys awesome videos because that's what I've been trying to accomplish!

Lastly, We'll try our best to entertain you guys with our videos even in the meantime!
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With this amount of money, we'll have much higher chance to provide a better quality content. We could buy some needed equipments that would help us in developments and other projects that we have planned
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