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This is just to show that anyone willing to help should feel like an amazing person. No one has any real reason to help me, so anything at all, even a single dollar, is amazing.




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Because there aren't enough of these already.

I'm just starting out with all this, and I want to make sure that at day 1 I'm making content that people will legitimately enjoy. I feel that at this point, there's only so much that I can do with what I have. I have to save almost all of my money for college, and in the area that I live in, well, it's not going to leave me with anything to buy new equipment (what I have is old and broken), games (because, y'know, content), and that sort of stuff. Any help is greatly appreciated.

And for those wondering what I hope to achieve, well, here's a handy checklist.

  • I hope to one day be actually funny.
  • I hope to make money doing something I love.
  • And I hope to make friends in the process.

No one can achieve anything worthwhile alone. And in the meantime I'll be sure to make the best of what I have. But to make progress I need support. Perhaps I could do everything I want to alone, but I think everyone can agree when I say that it's easier and more fun with others.

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