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Greetings and welcome to this
little place filled with big things!

About the artist 

I am Alef, often going with "AlefGP" as my screen name, I am a traditional artist who also knows a little bit of digital art. The main subjects of my art tend to be mostly focused on furry/anthro characters, perspective and size interactions (of big and small things).

For the past few years I've had my art posted around  FurAffinity and DeviantArt. And most recently a few updates, stream notices and few artworks are also showing up on Twitter.
In the years prior I've been taking art mostly as hobby, but then I tried adding one good thing to another and thus since a while now I've been working with and living off my art.

And this is where you could help me.

About this page

First of all, I want to make clear that this page will NOT be serving as any sort of 'pay wall' to see my artwork. I really enjoy drawing and sharing what I do with people that have the same interests. My art will still be open for the public to see!

That being stated, this page will actually allow you to:

► Get Early Access to recent finished drawings - Sketches usually sit in a sketchbook for a while before being posted on art websites/galleries, although they will be posted sooner here. I've been using Patreon as my art backlog to help me with organizing and preparing everything to post properly to other places.
Each month's drawings start being posted on this page around the 5th to 10th day of the month at a rate of either 1 or 2 drawings per day during a few days of the month (as long as there are drawings to be posted). If you're new here arriving around either the beginning or end of a month, please know that it's normal to have none to minimal activity at that month transition period. Stay around a little longer and enjoy the currently available content!

In Closing...

Drawing, like many hobbies and labors, isn't cheap and requires investment for materials, but most importantly, investment of time and effort! (No one is born knowing of everything, time and effort are a must for the learning and honing of a skill).

With your support I can hopefully have a bit of room to breath, possibly rely less on constantly having to work on commissions, focus a bit more on my own and others ideas for drawings, aside from also getting myself the essential traditional art materials when needed and still keep delivering on the arts department for you all! 

Thanks for your attention and enjoy the big things!
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This should cover a good part of the monthly expenses for me, allowing a little room to breath and possibly work more on my own arts or gifts.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 639 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 639 exclusive posts

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