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For a sampler of the extra content, you will receive our weekly "Blowhole" newsletter once this campaign is up and running. Blowhole won't be like your usual beer newsletters. Sometimes it'll be a story, or some photos. Others it'll be a hot take on a current issue. That's the beauty of Blowhole - you won't know what's inside until you open it up and read. Also, if you are signing up for this, thanks. It means a lot.

Disclaimer: Patreon charges USD only so any foreign currency may have higher exchange rates. 

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You want a half pint? Well for this one not only will you get the Blowhole newsletter, but also exclusive monthly podcast content. What what? Pretty crazy that for $5 you get our regular content, weekly newsletter AND stuff that no one else even gets to hear. Super underground. Also hugs from us should you want them. I should've led with that.

Disclaimer: Patreon charges USD only so any foreign currency may have higher exchange rates.


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A little bit fancy and a little bit more than a half. When you order a tulip not only do you get the newsletter, extra podcast content, AND hugs; but you also get an exclusive look at our upcoming merchandise a month before it goes on sale to anyone else AND invites to Ale of a Time parties. What even are those... well we know they won't be limited to Melbourne. As for the details, stay tuned. We can't give away all our secrets. 

Disclaimer: Patreon charges USD only so any foreign currency may have higher exchange rates.




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Good to see you here. How are you? 

Me? I'm good, but could be better. You see, Ale of a Time is a beer website and podcast that has always been a passion project for us. Sometimes we're very active, sometimes less active, but whenever we put content up you know it'll be unique in our own little way. Whether it's outright opinion, love, anger, fear or sarcasm, it's always something we believe in. 

And that's what makes the site and podcast different to others. We aren't afraid to give our open praise or damning criticism. Not having sponsors or any real reason to please the beer industry gives us the ability to do and say whatever we like. As the founder of the site, I always want that to be the way. 

Two years ago, I quit my cushy corporate job to focus on writing and beer full time. If I'm brutally honest, it's been challenging. Financially, I'm pretty much scraping by month-to-month. As a result, the energy I put in to pitching and writing for other, paid, publications and websites means I am not able to put so much energy into Ale of a Time. 

What I really want is for Ale of a Time to become what I know it can become. I would like to have ability to publish regular content, better podcasts, more diverse opinion, and bring in more contributors. That's where you and Patreon come in. With support of those who want an alternative and independent voice in the beer world, we can keep Ale of a Time moving forward.

For seven years it has run at a loss. The time and effort I have put into the site has helped build my writing portfolio but it still costs money to do. I get occasional free beer and food, but that doesn't pay for new podcast equipment, new camera lenses, my electricity bills or even things as simple as a haircut (unfortunately there are times when even that is beyond my budget). It's the reality of freelancing and yep, it was my decision. But if you've read or enjoyed the work we have put out over the years then a few bucks a month would mean the world. It may even result in Dave getting a little bit of money for all the awesome work he does on the podcast too. Imagine that!

And what do we have in store for Patrons? Well of course it's cool stuff. Stuff that we want to do. Think bottleshares, tastings events, and live podcasts. And you know it won't be just the standard "pale ale and trestle table" fare - it'll be the weirdest and most interesting things we can think of. Go on, look at the rewards to your right for a glimpse into the future. 

If you've read this far and don't plan to give any money, that's cool. I understand. But next time you see me and I'm looking scruffy, you know why. 

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This is where we start giving more. More content, more merch, and possibly more writers. It also means we can start paying some bills and keep upgrading our gear. Full disclosure: We will probably also buy ourselves a beer and a cheesesteak with some of the money. 
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