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About Alex Dutkevitch

Hey there! 

My name is Alex Dutkevitch, but I also go by the username GiftedScholar. I am a freelance graphic designer with experience in logo design, infographics, and illustration. But every week or so I try to make some kind of video game fan art and share it online. 

Update: I am now taking commissions! Message me for details.

My Patreon page

Over the last few months people have asked about my style, my methods, and for me to do specific requests. This Patreon page is a chance for me to create more content just for you, take your requests, and share everything I can with you.

Vector art, character doodles, experiments, photo manipulation, effects, and more! A lot of work is inspired by games from my childhood, but I plan on polling my patrons for select projects in the future. The current plan is to post one a week, but some projects may take multiple depending on the level of detail. 

The one project series with a name. I am 'upgrading' the pixel sprites from the game The Binding of Isaac. I try to keep as close to the original as possible, but give them the resolution they are so desperately needing. Expect one or so items per week. Check out earlier entries in the series on DeviantArt.

Release Schedule

Wednesdays - Early access Vectorized Isaac (all patrons)
Fridays - Early access Project posts (all patrons)
Saturdays - Public access to Vectorized Isaac
Mondays - Public access to previous Friday's Project post
Beginning of the month (after payment processes) - High Resolution Images, HD Wallpapers ($5+ patrons), and Personal Vector Art ($10+ patrons)

Please enjoy my work! I'd love your support!
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