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You are awesome for doing this, and you have my eternal thanks and a coupon for a free hug should we ever meet. You'll also get a special rank on my Discord server.

In terms of rewards, you'll get to see my videos the day before they release, and you'll also get exclusive beta access to any games that I'm working on. Maybe I'll even do a Patreon exclusive game at some point-- who knows? :D

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You will get complete access to my huge folder of games and game prototypes(mostly in source code format), as well as access to all the Patreon-only goodies such as beta keys and being able to watch my videos the day before they release. Awesome, right? :D 

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If you get this, you'll obviously get everything else but I'll also straight-up make you a game to your specification. I'll work on it for the duration that you pay me what works out to be about UK minimum wage for an 8 hour work day, 5 days a week.

Also, you'll be my best friend.




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About AlexHoratio

That's right, it's me! AlexHoratio! On Patreon! What's that about?

I'll explain. You will get all my videos a day before they go up on YouTube, and you'll also get beta keys periodically(when I actually finish a game>.>) how cool is that?! :D

Plus, now a very rich person could theoretically just purchase me. Shrug emoji.

Indie life's hard, isn't it?
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This would be awesome, and would take a little pressure off of my poor little stressed-out indie brain :D

In terms of a more tangible reward, I'll also release the source code for Mushroom: The Ruckus under the MIT license on GitHub!
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