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is creating RGB Profiles, Software add-ons, and hardware videos for Corsair
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About Alex Krastev

About me:

I'm Alex Krastev, 19 years old, the people that really know me usually call me 'Krazykid' especially on the Corsair forum, Reddit, and my Discord server.

I use Corsairs software (iCUE) or Corsair Utility Engine to make lighting displays, animations, and patterns for Corsair's RGB series devices. These are referred to as 'Profiles' and can be imported into your RGB series device.

In addition to this, I have been working on several third-party software add-ons for iCUE including the Mass Importer and League of Legends automatic profile switcher.

I really enjoy creating RGB Profiles and I'm having a lot of fun taking on the requests people are sending on my official page for requests.

You can find my profiles on Corsair forums/r/RGBProfilesYoutube, and my website. My profiles support all of the Corsair RGB devices.

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