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Your contribution is everything. Your help planting of fruit and nut trees will benefit so many people and wildlife for a lifetime.

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About Alexander Now

We want to plant fruit trees for the public. 100% of your subscription affords the trees and materials needed to grow fruits and nuts for everyone. Every time we earn enough to plant a tree, we


The First $2000 we raise will directly fund the planting of fruit trees in Public Housing Projects of Austin, Texas

What We Do
We are gifting fruit trees to everyone we care about. The gift that reminds them of you every morning when they see it. They'll remember how caring and thoughtful you are every year when they eat and share fruit from their front yard. Both endearing and practical, the fruit tree is the most overlooked underrated gift idea for anyone.

Fall through Spring is the best time to plant trees because it allows our baby trees time to develop strong roots while their leaves are dormant. 

Why We Do It

Let us start the show by gifting fruit trees to low income and project housing complexes this Fall. The kids there will really enjoy having free snacks available. We will diversify the trees we plant to allow year round harvesting. Some will ripen in the fall, some in the spring, winter and summer. We will spend every dollar on necessary materials and acquiring fruit trees to plant for this preliminary project. After we reach our goal we will start planting fruit trees for everyone else too. You choose what we plant, and where we plant it.

food, shade, oxygen, habitat, education, cultivation, preservation

How We Do It
We operate transparently and live stream every tree funded while we plant it. You want to be sure you're money goes to the right place, so we atomize every expense, salary, and bonus to provide our contributors with comprehensive awareness of our organization's operations. We do this to encourage your participation in helping us decide what's best for our organization and our members. We could not do this without you, so you deserve a voice too.

When you want to make a difference, invest in the future today.

Our Operations
Stage 1: Those who need it most

Once a tree is funded, we get to work!
  1. Notify Public Housing community
  2. Identify good planting locations and order trees
  3. Call 811 to mark underground utility lines
  4. Check utility markers and plant our tree
  5. Visit periodically to water and check for pests and disease.

Stage 2: Treat yourself, Friends, Family, and the Public
Plant a tree everyday!
  1. You decide where and what we plant.
  2. Visit property to identify the best location and order trees
  3. Call 811 to mark underground utility lines.
  4. Check utility markers and plant our tree.
  5. Visit periodically to water and check for pests and disease.


Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday, and Professional Gifts
Give the actual gift that keeps on giving. A rarely considered gesture they'll NEVER forget!
$0 of $80 per month
Once we've earned $80, we can choose from most tree options, a good bag of mulch, and some stakes and twine. That's all we need to plant our first tree for he kids in public housing.
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