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Alexandra Leigh Entertainment is a Talent booking Theatrical Production Company that acts as Agent and Venue booking to Actor Actresses Nightclub entertainers.   While we offer services to any in the Theatre entertainment  fields or Nightclub  entertainer venues  One Mission of this company will be to offer  Trans Actors and Actresses and Female impersonators a Showcase and Agency to Assist in finding them work or by offering work to that community  through the Production of Theatre Performances of either already published Plays and Musicals as well as Originally written Productions and Showcases as well.  Our Patreon page will be our Primary crowdsourcing site to raise the costs of Productions Equipment rental and theatre rentals and all operation costs for each production.  Also your funds will provide Salaries for the Actors and Actresses as well as the salaries of our Technical Teams  Wardrobe Masters and Mistresses and Directors. Support for us by you will also have benefits based on amounts and regularity of Support given in the form of Vip Packages for performances  Season Ticket to all work produced by Us and as we grow and increase our work Benefit packages will also expand. ON Behalf of Our community and all those who share the Passion for Live entertainment I thank you for your Support 
Alexandra Leigh
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When We reach 500.00 I will begin Update Videos and interviews for our Patrons to meet those inside the company, and Also have a one on one with our regularly Contributing  Patrons where they can share ideas or inspiration about the Arts and the Art of Acting.
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