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Hello everybody! I'm Alexey Usov and I would like to introduce a band called BLIND ROCK, which plays Metal.
The band consists of 7 people and all of them except the drummer are visually impared with varying degrees of vision loss. We request your assistance, because of the simple reason, that there are no relief funds to help people like us in our country, who are engaged in rock music, and much less we have no possibility to record our songs living on social benefits of 100 Euros. We deserve to play on stage and show others, that our handicap is not a sentence and we can live an exciting life on equal terms with the others. Unfortunately, the music we play is actually banned in our country. Of course, it’s not official, you will never hear rock in the charts on radio and television. Folk, pop or chanson are only welcome.While we really enjoy playing and we are willing to go on tour.
<figure><figcaption>The Blind Rock Album Cover</figcaption></figure>
In order to let people know about us, we turn to you to collect money for our first album to be recorded in a studio, a video recording, and copyright protection. If you support our project, and we manage to raise a larger sum, we plan to purchase instruments, amplifiers, and other equipment for band rehearsals and performances, because these days we are given all this by compassionate musicians, who believe in us.
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So we will be very grateful for your contribution to implement the project named BLIND ROCK. Together we make one more dream come true.
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