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I'm Alexis Nery. I love guitar and gaming! I got hooked on the guitar instructional/gaming app called Yousician and decided to make videos of song playthroughs for fun as well as to help other Yousician players. Find me on the Yousician forums and in the game as Alexicutioner. I often give advice to fellow players. Don't be afraid to ask me anything or request a video!

I'm a one man show.

All of the video and audio editing is done by me. Video editing requires quite a bit of computing power and mine is a bottleneck hindering me from making videos as fast as I wish I could! I would love to produce videos more often and improve the quality of them. Right now, I use cheap lighting from a hardware store and a computer so slow I have to render videos overnight while I sleep.

I plan on making a video for EVERY Yousician Mission song in the game (or as many as I can)!
That's a lot of songs! And a lot of videos. A rough count put that at around 300 songs. I am sure once levels 11-15 are released I may run into songs I can't quite pull off! I'll do my best to do the most that I can and it's going to take some time to get to the higher levels anyway.

How you can help.
For just $1 per video you can help fund better, faster gear to help me improve my videos and the frequency that I can produce them.

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If you would like to trade pledge for pledge, send me a PM!

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Or if you prefer, you can make a one time payment to my PayPal.

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$10 of $10 per Per video
Gotta start somewhere right?! As thanks for helping me reach this goal I'll give a free guitar lesson on Skype chosen at random to one lucky patron!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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