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About Alexo

My name is Alex, but most people on the internet know me by my Youtube channel by the Name of 'Alexo'. For 10 Years I have created a Youtube series called CNP, now one of the oldest Halo series of videos on the internet today that still continues to be released.

CNP is a Dark Comedy, covering many topics pulled right from the real world, but visually built inside of a video game. The show is about everything, and has a multiverse of possibilities and visually different versions, albeit  released at a very slow pace in the past without any funding at all directly.

The Deuufamm, what I call the fans of CNP, have been dedicated to helping the show to continue in anyway they can moving forward. The show is starting Patreon after ten whole years, as I am allowed to take voluntary donations from fans of the show. And that is it.

Without Intellectual property rights to Halo, I have never been able to personally make money for the thousands of hours spent building the show.

This prevents

People charged to view CNP. (No netflix)

Sale of any DVD, or merchendise for CNP.

Ad revenue for CNP.

With the fans help, we raised 400 Dollars our first day during our 10th anniversary... and then Machinima stole half thanks to incompetent business practices. Machinima failed to help the show in any way while it was contracted with them from 2013 to 2016, and ignored one of the oldest shows they had affiliated under them at the time.

The Deuufam has shown that the best way for the show to continue forward, is with donations of any size! With only a few dollars a month, you would be helping to fund one of the longest independent series in the history of the internet, in the history of an entire genre of film. Filled with a universe you never know what to expect from.

I could easily make 2 or 3 episodes a month if a standard wage is met with the Deuufam's help! Sadly I can no longer donate the time like I have for 10 years. I'm grown, I'm burning out without any funding to help the show. I've done this for the fans for so long, and I want to continue to do it, for the fans. But they have to make it possible, and already have in the first 24 hours of patreon!

I can't thank you all enough for checking out the Show, our patreon, and our goals for the future of this amazing experience I am sharing with you all!

I will never charge someone to be in a CNP body acting session. Those are always open to people. And I don't charge people to play games with me. But our donors will definitely have access to signed gear, and cool stuff if they've helped support the show immensely!

Love you Deuufam!
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This will allow a CNP to be produced every month.

Alexo is unable to make money without Intellectual Property agreements from Microsoft. CNP is 100% Free to watch online, and will be for the Rest of time. However, this has made CNP hard to make continuously by independent means.

CNP has stopped before for large periods of time, largely because it is unable to directly monetize in any way. With Patreon, Fans are allowed to donate directly to Alexo, and help with basic needs (Food), and allow CNP to become Alexo's full dedication.

For just 5 dollars a month, 60 of you could help us reach this goal, allowing CNP to continue releasing more episodes in the future!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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