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"...the one who gives when no one is looking."

Thank you so much! Even the littlest donations help. You now have access to patreon only posts and can vote in polls for what actor we look into on 'Fandom Fridays'.
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" when she can."

You get the chance of having your name at the end of my videos! Message me if you have a specific name you'd like to be called.
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" there when you need him."

There isn't much of a difference in this tier and the last. Except with this tier, you get a verbal shout out in one of my videos AND your name still stays in the credits of my videos.




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About Alex Wolf

Hi! My name is Alex!

I am just starting out here on patreon and am looking forward to using it to boost my dreams. I am trying to start up my youtube channel along with practicing at being a successful graphic designer. That I am going to college for. I have a tight budget and am hoping to get a job soon.

Why Patreon?

As for right now, any help is needed. I have been living off my mom's salary for nearing four years now and she is a school teacher so it just isn't cutting it now. I have applied for jobs but so far none have gotten back to me. I particularly don't think I will do well in a job anyway with my crippling social anxiety and the overwhelming stress I get from just ordinary life. So I want to try and follow my dreams of creating while being able to get out in the world at my own pace instead of just getting thrown into a job I'm terrified of. So this is where all these lovely supporters come in. Help is always appreciated with me. Even the smallest bit. So never think your contribution is too little. 

What happens to this money?

Nearly 90% of this money will be going towards helping me to survive if I can actually get a steady income here. The other 10% will likely go to my mom to help her with her own bills, be kept for emergencies, or be used as gift money for others.

Thank you all!

I hope to see myself succeed in my dreams and help others just as much as they help me.

$0 of $100 per month
This is nothing too high but nothing too low. If I could get this much a month, I'd have my gas paid for so I could get to class. This would also help pay for some of my lunches and dinners. I hope to make this higher in the future and do some amazing celebration for reaching it but I'm only just starting out right now. So I just hope to make some of that hundred. c':
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