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About Alfiecakes

I understand that not everyone is in a position to financially support the artists they love. If that's the case, no sweat! I still really appreciate your support in every other way. 
Whether that's you spreading the word, sharing a link, etc.
 It all helps and is very much appreciated!!! 

What's up. You can call me Alfred or Alfie. I've been drawing since I could pick up a crayon, which was when I was about 2 years of age. Cartoons have literally always ever been my inspiration for art and designing my own characters that someday I wish to animate with. I am a learning digital artist who started in the middle of 2017 when I got my first art tablet, a Turcom TS-6580.
I didn't get serious or more into constant digital art until March(?) of 2018. I've always lived on producing traditional art using Spectrum Noir markers and Sakura black lining pens before I got my tablet and I feel very behind on digital art with artists my age who have been doing digital literally longer than I have.
I use FireAlpaca and MS Paint to produce most of my drawings. Because my tablet is a Turcom and is not a "real"  tablet, it is NOT compatible with Paint Tool SAI at all, and I won't be getting a newer pricier tablet anytime soon. I hope you enjoy looking at my 'artwork', though it's not much.

✿    My Goal(s)    ✿
  • Sometime I fear I do not have a specific goal because I don't know what I want to do exactly with my hobby, I never believed it was a talent. First things first, with my recent start on digital art, I want to learn shading techniques and proper coloring skills as well as gradients and backgrounds. I am far from all of that, mostly because I don't know where to start or where to look. I haven't met many artists who use the programs I use so I can't get any helpful tips. I am also interested in looking for color palettes that will help me with a lot of my art that makes my art visually pleasing.  
  • My second goal that I seem to push away from myself is the practice of more realistic styles. My 'style' is extremely "cartoony" but I have for sure strengthened the anatomy of my art throughout the years, positive that I still have a lot of flaws to fix, but I believe I have made a good start. Knowing there are literally kids younger than me with art better than mine really set my self-esteem and confidence down the drain.
  • My third goal is to learn animation in any way possible. I have always DREAMED of bringing my OC's and most loved creations/characters to life in any way possible. Designing them, giving them different personalities and big differences, etc. My Little Pony inspires me a LOT with that part. I've had a lot of friends on Discord post their simple character animations in the art channel and I've watched so many animation memes that I am only dying to reach this goal. But again. I am not sure where to start.
  • My forth and hopefully final goal is to also get into variety of traditional media. I have yet to experience painting and experimenting with it to get better at it. Believe it or not, I have a crap ton of Apple Barrel MATTE ACRYLIC PAINT and paint brushes that I had not used whatsoever. Painting is something I had always wanted to do and my mother has pushed me to try it because she believes selling my canvas art would be an easy way to make money.  (Even though I've always believed that nobody would buy my 'art' on canvas because of my art style until she came home one day with 3 beautiful/creepy canvas paintings she bought from a highschooler about my age.)

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