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is creating non fiction, craft posts, blog posts and a sprinkling of poetry
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About Alison Keeble

I have felt compelled to write since I was a child.  I used to write poetry, started a novel and even wrote and illustrated a cartoon strip before I hit double figures.  In my twenties I wrote more poetry, some of which was included in anthologies and I started to get paid for some magazine articles.

As I hit thirty, cancer hit me.  It had a profound emotional impact, more than a physical one and I stopped writing for quite a while.  In my late thirties, the cancer returned and oddly my creativity came back with it.  As I healed physically I decided to start an online sewing business, From Rags To Bags, selling handmade handbags initially and then quickly diversifying into homewares.  I started blogging to promote the business and realised my compulsion to write hadn't left me.

Working at the day job and sewing and promoting my products in my spare time didn't actually leave much time for writing though and even the blog took a back seat.  I have to admit my homewares have been far more successful that I could have imagined but my heart still lies in writing, if I am honest.

Despite my early success at selling some articles, somewhere along the way I lost confidence. I have a lot of writing that is 90% written, including a couple of books.  I made excuses to myself about lack of time, not knowing where to go to find an editor or publisher.  Not knowing how to self publish on Amazon.   Nothing really insurmountable, just excuses.   In reality, I didn't want to face rejection and criticism of my work.  It was easier not to try, than to fail.

I can't live a life of regret though. I have to put myself out there.  I have to try and perhaps fail but I may also succeed.  Patreon is my first faltering step.  I know I can sew but can I write?  I will let you be the judge of that.
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My dream is to write for a living and I can only do that with financial support.  Reaching my goal would enable me to drop a day's work a week to focus on writing instead.
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