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This is a special Tier for all the supporters I have that cannot afford to partake in the other subscriptions. By being an earthling you will be helping me improve my content quality, traveling, and overall performance at events. “People of earth, lend me your energy” (Goku). 

1. You will have access to discussions that will promote competitive play.  


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You have all the perks from previous tiers.

1. You will be able to select topics you would like me to discuss once per month. 

This tier is for all the players that want to improve their game with my knowledge. What better way to learn? ask whatever you would like to know once a month and don't hesitate. We all are on different levels in this game and your questions are just as important as anyone else's.


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You will have all the perks from previous tiers

1. Once a month I will spend time fixing a deck of your choice. This entails:


Improving Consistency and Play-ability

Figuring out the type of player you are (control, aggro, mid-range)

2. You will have access to my God Squad messenger group. In this group you may ask me questions regularly about the dragon ball super card game. I'm on there several times in a day, and not only this but you will be able to talk with other like minded people. Here are some notable players/ Judges on there, Danny Nguyen, Michael Washington, Kevin Duane Casey, and many more.

3. Informative articles/ Discussions ranging from but not limited to...

players success

tournament reports

becoming a professional player

learning the correct lines of play

much more




About All about You

This place was created for the simple joy of the Dragon Ball Super TCG. On here you will learn and experience the most informative content in regards to tournament play. My knowledge and insight will improve your skills as a player based on the tiers you select. For beginners I would suggest joining the Super Saiyan club, this will allow you access to many of my informative exclusive videos. If you want to step it up and compete on the highest level, invest in the Super Saiyan God tier. You will have access to the current deck I will be taking to tournaments and side. Anytime I make additional changes, you will also be updated via video and or messenger.  
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Thank you all for your continued support. Because of you, I am able to help others reach their own potential in becoming their best. Once we achieve this goal the giveaways will be extended to this prize break down.
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12 packs of current set (you can choose previous sets or what I have available).
2 TP packs of current set (and or what I have in stock).
1 dash pack (what I have currently in stock).
At the end of each month I will notify each patreon of the current prizes.
Then once I receive payment for the month I will post a video showing the winners and I will ship out as soon as I have your information. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 109 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 109 exclusive posts

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