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Tier I
Teammates who donate $1 a month will be placed in Tier I. As a Tier I teammate you will receive closed beta access to A Time Unknown upon availability. We will send you the download personally. You will also be considered friggin awesome! :)
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Tier II

Tier II teammates will receive the reward from Tier I plus access to A Time Unknown's alpha phase. This means you get to test the game ASAP! :D

You will also be prioritized when considering input and suggestions for the game. (alpha and beta phase are almost guaranteed to have bugs, we will need your help to fix them!)

Tier II teammates will also be able to request songs for me (R Streetz) to remix for them! I reserve the right to deny any remixes that don't really resonate with me; in that case, just request another song! :)

Our teammates will become more and more involved in the ongoings here at  All For the Team as they increase their tier levels.

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Tier III

Teammates who contribute $10 or more a month will receive all of the rewards from the previous tiers as well as early access to all games we develop in the future. 

They will also receive an exclusive list of cheats and secrets for A Time Unknown plus a free copy of the game's Tips & Tricks Manual. 

You make it to this tier you must be the G.O.A.T.!




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Hello my name is Richard Streeter a.k.a R Streetz. I am a creative who specializes in music, photography, video, and game development. I am also the founder of All For the Team: A creative movement created for the purpose of empowering artists everywhere!

We have various videos on my YouTube Channel Feel free to Subscribe and check out some of my work :)

I used to edit all of my videos on my Macbook air until I had an accident. (My cousin spilled a drink on it D:) 

Now my motherboard is fried so video production is on hold for now. 

Thankfully my partner Frank "Shready" Sebastion donated one of his laptops to me. 

He's a dope photgrapher/videographer! You can check out his work here. I will be sharing his working on this page as well as other teammates :)

The laptop Shready gave me is pretty old and I can't edit videos with it but at least I am not left stagnant.

I can still produce music with it (Check out my SoundCloud Page) I will be uploading music to this page regularly. (Check out our rewards!) 

As of recently (July 2016) we have started working on a new project: "A Time Unknown". 
ATU is an RPG inspired by classics such as the Final Fantasy series, and Dragon Quest.

The game is in it's early stages of development. (currently alpha) We will be sharing our progress with you all. Also, we will be providing some free giveaways for our teammates (patrons) who follow and support this channel. (Such as early previews, free music, merchandise, etc.)

With your patronage we will be able to:

Get a faster, more efficient computer. (This will help us get our projects out to you FASTER) 

Purchase new equipment to enhance our creativity 

Come up with new, creative ways to get our work out into the world; free of charge!

Thank you for your time and patronage! It is highly appreciated :) 


-R Streetz, All For the Team

$0 of $500 per month
Here's how your pledges will help us out:

1. We can commission individuals for their CONTRIBUTIONS to our projects.

2. We can purchase BETTER EQUIPMENT for projects. (cameras, instruments, storage, PCs, etc.)

3. We can provide INSURANCE for our equipment in case of any accidents.

4. We can give our products a much greater level of QUALITY,  and we can get them to YOU much FASTER!

Your patronage is HIGHLY APPRECIATED! :)
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