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Help us build a QAnon based news outlet for newly red-pilled patriots. Vital to Q's mission is to disseminate the intel. Patreons will get access to a special video each week.




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 I want to create a news platform for new QAnons. There is a flood of free critical thinkers questioning the movement known as Q or QAnon since it has gone mainstream. First, Q is a team around President Trump and a QAnon is an anonymous helping Q disseminate
(disseminate (dĭ-sĕmˈə-nātˌ)►

  • v.To scatter widely, as in sowing seed.
  • v.
    To spread abroad; promulgate: disseminate information.
  • v.
    To become diffused; spread.) this classified intel.

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When I reach $500 per month, I will make 2 unbiased interview videos a week. I want to get a real time grasp on what average citizens are thinking about. 
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