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Hi there! 😎 

My name is Daniel and I have a passion for gadgets, not any other gadgets but gadgets specifically from China. I find that there are really amazing gadgets from China, gadgets that are of premium quality and some are even better build than the US counterpart. They function well, perform well and more importantly cost much cheaper, some are a whopping 300% cheaper!

However I have to admit, those gems mentioned above are the minority, most of the China products still sucks. My goal here is to seek out those gems! I do so by creating weekly video reviews of China gadgets.

Unfortunately, this goal of mine will cost me some money, as it is not cheap to keep on buying gadgets every other week. Please help to support this meaningful cause by contributing a small token. Your kind gesture will be deeply appreciated!

Below shows some of the videos I had created:

I hope you had enjoyed the videos as much as I had created them. You may view the rest of the videos on my channel at All Things China

And do remember to be my 'patreons'! Thanks again!

Daniel Lau
with much Love!
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