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About Allison

Hi guys! I'm a 2D animator and Illustrator who graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a major in animation and a minor in drawing! (I went to art school and learned how to draw!! :p Bad joke, sorry, anyways) I finally moved and got my in home studio set up, so I've been creating a lot more art again.
I am part of SO many fandoms like Steven Universe, My Little Pony, and I'm an anime addict so that's a whollleee nother list of things that I love. If you have anything you'd like me to draw please let me know cause I probably will have wanted to anyways! Or if you just want to talk to me about these things I'd really love that too.
I'm half Filipino half American (whatever that means? I think I have some Irish in me) , I live in Florida and have in fact worked in Disney World before. I love Disney to death and cats! I really love cats!

Well that's me! 
I want to keep being able to create the art that I love and still be able to pay for food so if you guys donate that would be super duper appreciated! <3 

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