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Obviously, this is all about the music. That's where I focus my time and I think that alone is worth something. But in addition to that, this will get you:

  • Downloads of the songs you support in full quality/lossless format.
  • Access to my Patron-only feed which occasionally includes extra info on my work, updates about what I'm working on behind the scenes (sometimes as an audio update), polls & other stuff. This extra stuff is very irregular though.




per creation


Short version: The more support I get, the more time I can spend on this, the better my creations will be and the more there will be!

My aim is first to cover some of the common costs involved with my work (things like distribution, artwork & promotion), then hopefully one day I can start to earn some money & maybe even, a living, which would open up a lot more possibilities. That's pretty much the dream..

I'm focused more on quality over quantity, putting out work I'm proud of rather than constantly putting out quick and easy stuff. The way modern algorithms work favouring quantity over quality doesn't help me out, but I've no plans on changing & would appreciate your support if you appreciate what I do!

In future I may switch to the monthly payment model, but for now I'm on the per creation model. For peace of mind you can choose a limit of how much you would potentially pay per month, should I even have one or more pieces of work to release in a month (Currently there are a matter of months in between each time I release & charge for something).

Thanks for considering supporting my work. By doing so, you would be helping me out in more ways than you know . You can also help me out by telling people about my music, listening to it on my official channels & streaming services & by adding it to playlists there so that more people discover it.

I rely on people like you to spread the word! It makes all the difference!


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I'm on on lots of streaming platforms: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon and more! Just search for me.

Contact form/email:

Sign up to Star Citizen with my referral code (STAR-F554-VLYX) or link and get 5000 UEC for free!:
$4 of $1,800 per creation
A single song or video often takes months of work to complete. As an example, just one of the Star Citizen music videos I make can easily take 100+ hours to create due to the fact I'm creating my own music & using my own footage. To create one of them a month would require 25+ hours of work each week just for the song and video. Add to that all the admin work that comes along with it - it's a full time job. This is just not possible without more support.

If I get enough support, I'll be able to really focus on this and do it full time. This will enable me to create better things more often and expand on what I do, helping me to reach my full potential and offer my supporters the best I'm capable of.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio release
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio release

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