is creating arrangements of non-classical music for string players
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Beginning String Arrangements
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Easy folk/fiddle string orchestra arrangements for your classes!

Get cross-compatible melody, harmony and bass lines for violin, viola and cello/bass. Yes, the parts are the same across instruments - just how you need them!

All downloadable and ready for immediate use. Perfect for multi-instrumental Suzuki group classes, extraordinary for elementary and middle school orchestra classes. Great for practicing note reading, or perform your favorites! 

Themed releases to correspond with holidays!

Comes out halfway through the previous month, so you have time to print them out, or practice ahead of time if they are going to be performed. Probably including but not limited to:

Bluegrass, Mariachi, Scottish, Cajun, Irish, Scandinavian, Galician, French Canadian, and all kinds of stuff!

Intermediate/Advanced Arrangements
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In addition to the arrangements for beginners, get folk/fiddle arrangements for more advanced string players as well! Give these to your intermediate/advanced students, or even play the arrangements at gigs. They include more advanced techniques like ornamentation, double stops/drone strings, as well as accompaniment techniques like ghost/accent chord playing and chopping. (All of these techniques are explained in AltStrings Fiddle Method, available at

Most (but probably not all) of these arrangements will even be the same tunes as the beginner level, making them an ideal choice for group classes of all levels.

Audio Recordings of Arrangements!
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Want to use these arrangements as teaching tools? Wouldn't it be nice if your students had access to the recordings? Well, don't worry - I'll be recording each part as well! At this level, you'll get all the beginning, intermediate and advanced sheet music from the previous levels, as well as recordings of each part. (6 total)

Please note - these will be done on violin, but since the viola parts are unison and the cello parts are an octave down, students shouldn't have too much trouble with it. :-) (The exception is with the chord voicings in the Int/Advanced parts - the viola and cello parts are in root position and should be easier to figure out anyway).




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About AltStrings

Thank you for (at least considering) supporting AltStrings! AltStrings was created as a resource for music teachers and students who want to get more out of their playing — more skills, more progress, and more fun! Developed by a Suzuki-certified teacher who is also a fiddler steeped in the folk tradition, AltStrings brings together these two approaches to provide a unique path of musical discovery for the string player.

Knowing how much fun it is to play fiddle tunes, AltStrings’ founder Caroline McCaskey has always incorporated them into her teaching. Seeing how much fun her students were having with this approach, and how motivated they were to learn the technical skills that also were necessary for progress in classical playing, she decided to call on her unique experience to create resources for other teachers to do the same thing. And that is how AltStrings came to be.

With AltStrings’ video lessons, method books and sheet music, students are introduced to a carefully chosen set of fiddle tunes that reinforce their technical development. Our purpose is to help classical students and their teachers discover the authentic, rich and varied tradition from which their instruments came. 

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