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About Alyri

About me!

Hey! I'm Alice, a Twitch streamer, content creator and artist. I currently live near Boston in Massachusetts, grew up being addicted to video games, league of legends specifically and would spend around 12 hours a day playing it, kind of unhealthy but I was a wild teen.

At around 15 I did my first cosplay, it was a Kitty Kat Katarina cosplay, took me two months to make it but it turned out to be perfect! I loved it so much and I still am proud of it to this day. After that I still did some other cosplays (katarina redcard, Yuno Gasai.. Etc) But not nearly as much as I'd like to.

Why patreon?
Being 20 years old and taking two certificate programs, (Portuguese legal interpreting and Photography), really takes it's toll and costs a lot of money, most of my earnings from work go towards school and rent/bills. I am scared to pursue cosplaying without being financially stable for it first. That's why patreon can be mutually beneficial for us, I get to follow my dream and put my photography and 15+ years of photoshop skills into action on something I was always passionate about, and in return you get to follow up and see everything unfold with constant updates, hangouts, and tutorials for who has any questions.

I'm new to Patreon but I promise to give it 105% of me, I will post on youtube and live stream on twitch the progress, also posting it here, and, no matter what, I will always provide the best content I could ever do, I want to surprise everyone who supports me so they never feel disappointed. I will be more than thankful if I get the opportunity to do this, Thank you for just taking the time to read this long message.

Love, Alice

$79 of $100 per month
This covers my first cosplay here! :D it would mean the world to me to reach this.
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