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Welcome to my Patreon page!

In this space I offer the opportunity for you (my patron) to receive:

1- Exclusive written correspondence about my art, thought process and journey as an artist;
2- Signed limited prints;
3- Original short stories that I write, likely to inspire you to contemplate larger ideas;
4- An original piece of art;
5- An Original collaborative piece of art - meaning we correspond as much as you wish about the subject matter, colours, dimensions and composition of an original, signed piece of art. 

What is patronage?
Patronage is an ancient idea - Leonardo DaVinci, Shakespeare, Dali, etc. were enabled to practice their art/craft with the aid of Patrons. Patronage means the support, encouragement and/or the financial aid given to an artist by historically Kings, Queens, the aristocracy, to ensure the continuance of an artists’ work. In our contemporary times, much patronage has been moved from the financial support of individual artists to the support of museums and galleries, as a result many artists have discontinued their practice and production. Patronage allows for continuance of diversity in the arts by offering financial support to artists (like me) to continue their craft.

So how do you become a patron and what do you get in return?

Offer to buy me a virtual coffee, lunch, a bottle of wine every month, OR help pay for para-medical expenses relating to an accident I had in 2012.

I offer 4 levels of patronage in the ‘goals’ section of my page below. The first level I’ve entitled ‘the coffee level’. For your patronage of $3/month, I offer to send you a signed limited print, and personal correspondence about my journey creating art as well as my assessments of Master artists including: Dali, DaVinci, Michaelangelo, Duchamp, Monet, Pollock, Klimt, Rothko for example. Every month I will send you my original assessment and opinion of a master artist as forementioned - for the price of a cup of coffee a month.

At the ‘wine level’ of patronage for example, I offer personal correspondence as outlined in the ‘coffee level’ above, and additionally send you an original short story that I’ve written likely to inspire you to think of larger ideas. I will send you these original short stories every month that you decide to be a patron. Patronage at the ‘wine level’ is $45/month - about the cost of a good bottle of wine :) 

I offer a ‘lunch level’ for $15/month and ‘help support paramedical expenses level’ for $150/month as well, please see the goals section of my site for details - you will have to scroll down to the ‘goals’ section and press the ➡️ arrow at the top of the section to view all options :)

I would be honoured for you to become a patron of my work. Your help will ensure a more stable income, allow me to create freely and worry less about the costs of materials and living expenses.

A little about me:
I’m an ink and watercolour artist, and have been practicing with these mediums for much of my life. I decided to take a leap to become a full time artist and designer following being a pedestrian hit by a large vehicle in 2012. This unfortunate accident has lead me back to making art.

I have completed a degree in Psychology, education in Urban Land Economics, Canadian Securities and I’m half way through completing a Masters degree in Contemporary Art, Design & New Media Histories at Toronto’s premier art university: OCAD University.

I am currently bravely trying new techniques in ink and watercolour and producing surrealistic images, graffiti art, urban and pop art. I’m informed by architecture, urban landscapes, graffiti  and I paint and ink my work in an edgy emotive way.

If you'd prefer a one-time patronage offering, I would be so happy to receive this! In exchange, I will consolidate the subscription options into a one time offering...or whatever works for you - let’s discuss! 

Please scroll down to the ‘goals’ section and press the ‘over arrow’ ➡️ At the top of the section to view all 4 levels: coffee, lunch, wine and help with paramedical expenses. 

Also, below I have posted 3 short public posts for you to initially familiarize yourself with my work. All future correspondence is private to your email address.

Thx & looking forward to providing more updates soon.
xo, Aly
Select a membership level
4 x 6 framed print
per month
I will send you a 4 x 6 framed and signed limited ink and watercolour print.
$0 of $3 per month
Offer me a coffee :) - $3

And every month and I’ll send you one personal email with updates on my journey into surrealist art AND exclusive assessments of the masters surrealist art and process.
2 signed limited prints by year end of the subscription :)

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