Amanda Harper

is creating Let's Play videos, Vlogs, Webcomics (Coming soon).

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As a YouTube content creator I publish gaming videos 6 days a week, along with 3 vlogs a week. 

The gaming videos range from classics such as the Diablo trilogy through to early access games like Subnautica. Each is about 30 minutes long.

My vlogs cover subjects from gaming/tech through to gender and sexuality. It's rather random, but I always try to make it interesting. 

I am also in the process of starting a webcomic that will eventually tie in to YouTube content.

In short by pledging to help me I will be better able to invest in improving my content.
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While I use, and am adept with a classic graphics tablet, I want to improve my digital art by improving my equipment; this will lead directly to a webcomic. To fund this I will be selling possessions but I hope that my Patrons will help me to make up the shortfall if any.
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