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About Amanda Tomasoa

Hey there!
Nice to meet you here.

Recently , an investor and I collaborated in getting my art onto merchandise i.e. Cushion covers, Lampshades which are already in sale in Bali and at my online store at shopify  Might be easier if you followed me on Facebook on my business page at Amanda Tomasoa’s Art Page under ‘Shop’..

We are planning to have my art on Arm Chairs, Scarves etc. Things are getting really exciting!

Our first store will be opening soon as Lifestyle Art Gallery on 888, Sunset Rd, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia by March 2019.
Please let me know if you want to attend our launch!
You will be my VIP.

Please have a look at some of my art online at: There’s information about some of my past exhibitions and where I have gone with some of my creations.

I would love for you to become my patron and have your support as I keep working on my creation and business. Your support will help me work on what I have to in order to bring more fun and colour into this world. Will you please be part of my tribe?
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So I can work full time on my creativity, travelling, getting inspired and moving ahead.
It’s been 11 years since my last solo art show and I have grand plans for my next one!
Bring my characters alive, in a fun show and a catwalk with my original songs being played in the background.
This can super charged my works being recognised and create more value to my art.
You can be there too!
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