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About Amber Stone

My name is Amber Stone. I've been working behind the scenes on comics for years and, while I'll continue to do that as long as time allows, I've been having some fun lately with doing pop culture mini paintings that I thought I would share with my friends, fans and patrons.
My hope for this page is to give you a chance to be part of my process by choosing what I draw and paint, letting me know what you would like to see. Patrons will be able to access process shots and videos and maybe even see what a shopping trip with me looks like. Patrons will also be able to participate in giveaways and higher tier patrons will be able to get monthly freebies. You guys will also be the first to see behind the scenes things like process shots and timelapses.
I hope that you really enjoy what you'll see on this page.
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When we hit 5 Patrons, I'll give a tour of my "studio" and you'll see just how much those quotation marks are needed!
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