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I am making this for supporters to get more involved in my channel and to give back with  Shoutouts and what i do behind the scenes and on my off time! as well as input on my content creation and first dibs on my designs! etc... also now we have to show you behind the scenes of my videos being made! lens! coming soon! thank you for the support!
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It Is What It Is! Thank you so much!
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some people cant afford a lot so i wanted to make another tier where its more affordable and doesnt hurt the pocket. thank you for the support and add your name on the patreons on the intro! No real perks but helps me make content!

Thank you so much! Wicked Awesome !
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bronze no real perks here but helps me make content daily!

silver "Airman" Squad
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Early access to my videos. Shoutouts on live events. Help support me making content. Behind the scenes coming soon!

$169 of $500 per month
we have reached the first goal!!! you guys rock! second goal is 500$ To get some extra gear to review for y’all 
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