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My name is Ameer Brown. I am a BMX enthusiast and athlete; and a BCom Marketing grad. I am 21 years old and am currently trying to pursue my passion in BMX, and am ranked as a professional in South Africa. I grew up in the Kensington area, which most people would refer to as the "ghetto", but I see it more as a community where everyone looks out for one another (if you truly want to see what a community is, for sure pay it a visit), I influence alot of kids around "coloured / kasi" communities as I do host and organise NGOs (non governmental organisations) in and around South Africa, my aim is to reach out to the youth of today and get them riding, keeping fit, removing them from the harsh environments that comes with living in the so called "ghetto" drugs / violence & bad influence is all around us all these kids that are growing up expose to this need some sort of positive influencer to just help them over see that they can live their dream because I'm living mine.

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