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Thank you for visiting! I look forward to sharing important topics, events, ideas, and more with you and hearing back from patrons/readers across the world.

Since 2004 I have been blogging at American Buddhist Perspectives. I've become part of amazing communities of fellow writers and digital explorers of Buddhism. Readers, supporters, commenters, collaborators, and friends have meant the world to me over that time.

In 2012 I started my first 'regular' part-time teaching job during my Ph.D. studies in Buddhist Ethics. I continue to do that work, but I'm hoping to step out of the "adjunct trap" and possibly academia entirely in order to focus on serving my local community and deepening my bonds to you, my blog readers, through growing our mutual commitments to understanding and practice. Buddhism has changed my life and I hope it has yours too; but these days I think truth is bigger than the label "Buddhism" and is found in philosophy, in mindfulness practice, in supportive community, in seeking out the good life.

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3: Build the gift economy. The work of providing new perspectives on Buddhism, philosophy, mindfulness, and so on is precious to me. I can't put a price tag on it because I don't want to restrict it from anyone. Your support ensures that I can put the time and effort into reaching out to people, building connections, doing research, writing, editing, and sharing these perspectives.
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