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About American Sentinel K9, LLC

People in the K9 community often reach out to me for help since they know I have both a B.S. and M.S in Animal Sciences, make my living as a professional educator in the fields of biology and genetics, and know me as the founder, breeder, and trainer of the American Sentinel K9 program, which is certainly one of the oldest and most proven working bandog programs in existence.

For these reasons, I just created an "American Sentinel K9" account with on April 22, 2019 to provide more information exclusively to those seeking to learn from my experience and education on practical approaches for addressing an array of k9 topics & responsibilities, such as the various aspects of general K9 education, understanding the working dog, how to read the behavior of a working dog, how to read a pedigree, selecting the right prospect for your goals, early imprinting of behaviors and drive development, breeding for conformation and/or performance, genetics, meiosis, population genetics, breeding, training tips (for obedience and/or protection work), teaching a dog to alert on a threat that remains static, training in your language vs a foreign language, recognizing realistic applications for a working dog, general things to consider in terms of legality when it comes to training and handling a protection dog, general husbandry, understanding classical conditioning & operant conditioning, kennel design, the physical aspects of mating dogs and raising pups, & other instructional tips that pertain to maintaining working dogs.

WE WILL STILL PUBLICLY SHARE THE PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS OF OUR DOGS & PUPPIES FOR EVERYONE TO VIEW AT NO CHARGE, however, to view our new educational type videos one will need to become a member of this American Sentinel K9 group.

All content shared by me within this page shall remain the sole property of American Sentinel K9, LLC, and may not be shared or reproduced without the expressed written consent of American Sentinel K9, LLC. Any Patreon member that violates these terms may have their account with American Sentinel K9, LLC terminated, thereby preventing them access to future videos within this account.

Thank you for viewing. We hope to see you join and hope you enjoy the channel...see ya around.

H. Lee Robinson, M.S.
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Before our membership goal is met, a minimum of two videos per month (~one every two weeks) that can ONLY BE VIEWED BY OUR PATREON MEMBERS. These videos will address what I believe to be the most common issues encountered by those new to handling, owning, and/or breeding working class dogs. Videos may include step by step instructions AND explanations as to both why and how I do what I do.

After obtaining this goal, I will also incorporate no less than two "question/answer" videos from topics submitted by our patreons. Thank you for considering our channel.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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