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Firearm enthusiasts, history buffs, and lovers of freedom, welcome, to American Gun Resurrection! My name is Ben DeVore, and I welcome you to my page for all things shooting related, however my biggest passion and focus is the repair and restoration of old neglected guns. It is my absolute joy, to resurrect these neglected boom sticks, and give them a new lease on life. My aim for this page is to share my love of restoration and shooting with you all, and for the paying subscribers, teach you tricks of the trade in gun repair, and even show you how to make money flipping old guns. It's a work in progress but stay tuned, there's going to be everything from building tutorials, shooting sessions, product reviews and just plain old fun.

Personal Background
I am a long time shooter, starting with pellet guns at age 14. When I was 24 I joined the Army for the specific purpose to learn how to repair firearms. I have been in the National Guard for over 7 years now, and in that period I have serviced countless weapons ranging from M9 pistols, M16s, M249s, M240s, the Ma Duece, all the way to 155mm triple 7 howitzers. In my spare time I have worked on and repaired many guns as a hobby, and was a gun salesman at a pawn shop. In 2015 I got my FFL started my business repairing and restoring firearms. 
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My 1st goal is to purchase a better video camera and editing software so that I can produce better quality videos for all of you.
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