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We are an alliance of anti-mlm advocates with like minded views, that met through the anti-MLM movement. Multi-Level-Marketing companies (MLM’s) are prevalent everywhere, but even more so in the USA. MLM’s are not being well regulated for multiple reasons, because of this one of the many issues we are facing is a lack of factual information being spread. 

After seeing more than a few family/friends being hurt by MLM’s, we realized lying in this industry is so common that people have nowhere to turn to find the facts, truth, statistics, etc. 

this is where we come in! Our goal is to create a community of people passionate about this issue, and educate people; give them resources that they can use to find out every intricate detail about MLM’s, become a large movement urging lawmakers to implement and enforce stronger laws, with virtually zero loopholes. Once we educate others and spread the truth like a wildfire, it won’t happen overnight; but we will see change. Help us grow the #antimlmmovement so future generations will be forever changed.
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