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Hello, Welcome to my Patreon page!

If you're new to my work, you're probably thinking "WTF is this?". 
If that's the case, feel free to take a look at my videos and comment your "WTF"  thoughts. 

If you're one of the lovely people who are familiar with my channel, then you'll know how infrequently I upload videos, and how very time consuming they are to produce. 

Well, I can only make videos in my free time when I am not working. However, if I'm not working I can't afford to make videos. You see the problem here!  

This Patreon page is hopefully a way to break free of that vicious-circle and make everyone happy.
If successful, I get to spend my time doing what I love most, making videos, and you no longer have to send any more tweets saying:
"Hey Ami, When are you going to make another video!?"

With your support I'll be able to create videos at a faster rate... 

More Vlogs:

More tours:

and more TV/Movie parody sketches.

Donating any amount will be greatly appreciated and will go towards funding the next video.
On top of that, if I can reach certain targets, I'll be able to buy more software which will make my vids look better than ever!

But if you are unable to contribute don't worry, that's totally fine. I know you mean well, and my videos will still be available to watch on YouTube for free. 

So what do you get in return?
Depending on how much you pledge gives access to different reward tiers listed below.↓
I might add new tiers later, but ALL patrons will get access to my Patreon blog feed where I will interacting with you guys a lot more. I may also post extra media that won't be available to the public (time allowing).

If this all works out I'll be able to create videos much more frequently, and hopefully of better quality.

Thank you all for your support, and may the force be with you.
Ami. ♥

64% complete
This will allow me to rent all the software I need for a 3 month period.
I use various software, all of which are essential in creating my videos.
Purchasing them outright would be ideal, but it's really expensive. So for now, rental is more realistic.
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