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About Amichie

Heyo! My name is Amichie but feel free to call me Ami, or Amaya.
You can pretty much call me anything- I'm really chill.

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What is my goal?

I have a ton of personal projects and stories that I wish to create and open to the public!
Most of my projects revolve around being comics, books, and animations. If you didn't notice,
I recently became an actual active fan of the Warrior Cats community on Youtube, but pushing
further than that area would be a great experience!

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What happens when you support me?

Gosh supporting me would help me a lot. It means that there is at least someone who is
willing to pay just to see my content before anyone else. I'm a freelance animator as a hobby
but I am a now senior highschooler and recently lost my job. College is going to be a butt; however, you supporting me would help me fund for more resources (i.e; new laptop, updated programs; etc). Currently, I am working on 3-D modeling of characters from the Warrior Cats series since the figures are pretty similar other than designs. Supporting me will also get you perks that you can see in the tier section!
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HeCK YES! Everyone who supported me (the month I reach the goal) will get a full drawing along with a group drawing of all of us together having a party!
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