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About Cameron Fradd


I LOVE creating Among The Lilies podcasts, but as a Mom of four beautiful kids and a husband who travels for work, it's hard to do. 

I've been so humbled to hear from many of you who say the podcast has been a blessing to you. Seeing the fruits, I'm determined to keep going but need your help.

Anything you could give to support the show (and my family) would be greatly accepted.


- Cameron  Fradd
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I love building this wonderful little TRIBE, Among the Lilies is a HUGE gift in my life! I love hearing how many of yall feel the same. I would love to help take the podcast & patreon to the next level and have cool stuff for yall!! Get videos, swag and awesomenessssss!! Yes so much awesomeness theres way too many ssssss's!!!
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