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About AnArcade

Who are you?
Hello I am AnArcade, I'm an Australian. I make videos sometimes and stream some other times.

This Patreon has also been created to give you guys the possibility to support me more than you already have. Due to the way Youtube and Twitch is set up at the moment small content creators like myself end up putting a lot of effort in for very little back. This Patreon was created for anyone who wishes to support this channel, my Twitch streams and my content overall. The support you guys give me will hopefully open up a possibility for me to do this as a full time thing allowing me to help my family and also pay the bills.

Why Should I Become a Patron?
I could probably make some ridiculous promise here but I won't I'd much prefer to talk to you honestly. There is only one reason you should become a Patron and that is if you think I deserve support and want to be a part of this Patreon community. I respect my Patrons so much for the support they have shown and I will never stop thanking each and everyone of you for your support no matter the size. The support you will have shown me with this donation is something of such a great magnitude that I could never repay and let's face it you're awesome.

Thank you for spending the time to read this and as always have a fantastic day :)
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Hello newcomer, this message is for you and you alone. You are the first to help me out and you're awesome!
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