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Greetings fellow hashers and thank you for coming to the Analysis in Chains Patreon page!

I'm Nathan Williams and with my friend Neal we run the Analysis in Chains podcast, that you can find at

Neal and I started this podcast in July 2017 because we saw blockchain taking off with ICOs coming from every direction, bitcoin doubling in price every few days, and we wanted to make sense of it all. We wanted to understand how much of what was going on was a disruptive technology and how much was a speculative hype bubble, so we read all the news, researched different tokens, joined cryptocurrency communities, and even made our own token for the podcast: the Nutshell! 

Since we started we have posted two episodes per week, talking about news, developments, and our own adventures in the Cryptoverse on Monday, and then on Wednesday posting either an interview with someone significant in the crypto world, or an in-depth look at a specific coin project and how it works.  We started a community on slack where our members discuss episodes and developments in the crypto world, and we launched monthly meetups to form a community in-person for people wanting to learn more. We did not start out as experts by any stretch of the imagination, but as we learn and create each episode we will become blockchain experts and as you follow along with us, so will you.

There's a big need in the cryptocurrency world for understanding because it's a new frontier industry. People don't want to miss out on this blockchain revolution, but it's complex to understand and there's a lot of misinformation out there. Sifting through it all takes a fair bit of time, as does recording, editing, and promoting it.  We will continue to provide you with our best efforts to make sense of the Cryptoverse, and if you find it useful, we ask that you share the load with us by becoming a patron. 

If you would like to be part what we are doing at Analysis in Chains, consider becoming a patron. All of our patrons are eligible to receive Nutshells, the official crypto token of the Analysis in Chains podcast!  You'll need a Waves wallet to receive them.

Thanks everyone and Keep on Hashing!
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When we get to 20 patrons I will start outsourcing the podcast editing, and it will be an absolutely huge load off my shoulders!
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