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Welcome to my Patreon and thanks for considering helping me produce better content!

If you haven't, please check out both of my channels:
Anatomic.ASMR: (
A Novel ASMR Idea: ( 

In these channels, you'll find various sound exploration videos in addition to readings of various types of books in a whisper or soft talking voice. The intent of these videos is to help the viewer relax, ease their mind of stress, reduce anxiety, promote healthy sleep, and induce ASMR!

You may be asking yourself: What is ASMR?
A - Autonomous (Automatic)**
S - Sensory (Feels great)**
M - Meridian (From accupunture, regarding energy flowing through important channels)**
R - Response (It happens when you hear/see your trigger sounds/sights)**
DISCLAIMER: **These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are questioned by medical doctors and those who don't experience ASMR but, from personal experience, I can vouch for it :D

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