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Citizens were the most common. Still, together they helped the economy moving forward
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In ancient times, all the major ministry positions were secured for royal family members.
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The Vizier possessed the most power except for the Pharaoh and also provided advice to the Pharaoh on all the matters of the kingdom. 




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I, Ancient Gameplays need your help :D
YouTube's tech scene is highly competitive and i am trying to grow in it. AD revenue is still almost inexistent and that is why i am asking your help.

Why should you support Ancient Gameplays?
Well, in this moment i am only one and with few resources. I do expend many countless hours doing the tests and editing the videos, and as i said before, as a "Team" of one, it takes a lot of time. I am trying to grow and i do have will to keep doing test for ever kind of gamer. Since the low spec gamer to the high end one.

What do you win helping me out?
Well, i think i have been improving a lot these months and i want to keep doing it. I am usually watching the comment section and i am active on it. I try to help everyone i can and i usually make videos as some subscribers ask. It would mean a lot to me of you can support my work help me improve in every way!

If you think my videos are good and are getting better, support me on Patreon! If you already do, thanks a lot!
$4 of $100 per month
Well anything wpuld be helpful, but i think $100 a month would really really help :D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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