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About Andrew Bluett

My name is Andrew Bluett, I recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with my Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Studies, and I have been producing web content in some way, shape, or form for nearly a decade. While my older video content isn't anything spectacular or even good, I've taken some form of pride in my more recent work, including parts of the Halo: Reach machinima series Lost in Reach, a video game review show called The Backlog, the discussion/analysis series Second Opinion, and most recently a character profile of Molly O'Sullivan published in the book Children of Time: The Companions of 'Doctor Who'.

But over the past few years, I have been developing a new series based on my own struggles with depression, low self-esteem, and drinking: a Grand Theft Auto V machinima called Reel Life.

What is Reel Life?

Reel Life is about James Greene, a twenty-eight-year-old filmmaker in Los Angeles who has made some critical mistakes in his career with little to show for it. With his reputation in the toilet, James seeks to sell an original screenplay which can be produced for cheap in order to reinvigorate his career while fighting his own insecurities.

Inspired by shows such as Californication and BoJack Horseman, and films such as La La Land and Good Will Hunting, Reel Life is currently in production for an eight episode First Season, with each episode ranging from 25-30 minutes in length. I have been working on the story, characters, and scripts since 2015, with the show currently slated to start coming out late 2019, with episodes being stockpiled ahead of time to allow for a consistent release schedule.

Why Patreon?

Simply put, my day job is a bit inconsistent and the money I make from it isn't always enough to cover my expenses, even when I'm frugal extremely about my spending. In the near future, this problem is likely to be exacerbated. I'm also mostly a one-man crew; I write the scripts, set up the scenes, puppeteer characters, edit the show...pretty much everything outside of voice acting! It's a tug of war between this and my day job, and my car won't pay for itself. I don't expect Patreon pledges to supplant the income from my day job; just supplement it, if even just a bit, so I can worry less about having enough money to make this or that payment and concentrate more on the myriad aspects of Reel Life that need to be tended, as well as other small projects which won't pull much time away from Reel Life.

What Do You Get?

I don't plan on having very many Patron tiers for the time being, but for helping me out you'll get:

  • Biweekly updates on Reel Life and any other projects I may be working on;
  • Sneak peaks at excerpts of what I'm working on, like earlier drafts of scripts or scenes from rough cuts;
  • Early access;
  • ...and more! Check out the tier rewards on the right for more info!

Thank You!

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me! Thanks for your support; I really do appreciate it more than you know.

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