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is creating 3D pinups & cartoons
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About Andrew Hickinbottom

Who are you?

Hey there. I'm Andrew Hickinbottom and i've been doing 3D graphics for over 20 years now. Pin-ups and cartoons are my bag, and i enjoy using my abilities to create illustrations of them!
I'm currently a freelance character modeller, and although i enjoy working for big clients like EA, Microsoft and especially Hasbro (making My Little Pony toys!), my main passion is my personal work. When inspired, i spend so much of my free time on my own projects - they are labours of love, but it is difficult to keep inspired and find time to make personal illustrations when my hobby and my job are so similar - so much time sat at computers messing with polygons!
I'd do personal work all the time, but it doesn't pay the bills! That's where you come in (hopefully).

Why Patreon?

After years of pondering, I finally caved in and set up a Patreon account, because my dream is to earn a decent living from doing my own thing. At the very least, i'd like it to be more worth my while financially, as i often turn down paid work in order to work on my own stuff if i'm feeling especially inspired.
I've been cautious about introducing money / payment to my personal work, as I dont want to muddle the creative process and make it feel forced and more like a 2nd job with the client committments that come with it, so i'll continue doing my own thing and making personal pieces whenever i have the time and motivation to do so. Sometimes i'll be on fire and will be cranking stuff out, sometimes things may be a bit quiet - you know how inspiration and motivation comes and goes when it comes to creative endevours!

What's in it for me?

By becoming my patron, you'll get to see behind the scenes some more, with more work in progress images, wireframes, sketches (in those rare occasions when i do sketch my characters out), higher res completed images and some other bonuses like prints and store discounts.
I'd like to say i can offer advice, tutorials and videos and such, but i dont have a lot of experience with video feeds / recording, and based on past experiences creating tutorials, they can often take longer to create than the illustrations themselves! I much prefer to create than to teach, so i'll just keep on doing my thing and making cool pinup and cartoon pics!
As i said earlier - i dont want Patreon to become a hindrance for me and put me off doing my labours of love as i have done for so many years, so i'm mainly offering a chance to see more of my processes more than bespoke content - for now. I'm new to all this, so let's see how it goes as it grows!

Thank you!

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