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With the bindings of his brothers' betrayal closing around him, Scorn uttered the pieces of an equation that even he did not fully understand. And lo', the world burned.

My name is Andrew. I write. About ships with watch-spring engines. About towers that defy the stars. About magic that takes equal parts incantation and scrawled mathmatic formulae. And, of course, fireballs. Everything’s better with fireballs.

Characters too. There’s a janitor (head custodian!) who spends his free time becoming a master swordsman. An empathic bookworm haunted by a gauntlet fused to her arm and shadows that whisper forgotten secrets in her dreams. Then there’s Flaar. He’s a giant insect. That looks like a dragon. Who has a sardonic sense of humor.

I write. When I have free time. When I’m not at work (but sometimes when I am!). I’d like to write more and that’s where this lovely site and you lovely word-connoisseurs (seriously, what’s not to like about the word ‘connoisseur’?) come in! What does your pledge get you? Primarily what you’re already getting for free: my writing. But more of it. And you'll get it a day earlier than the rest of the web.  Check out the rewards at the bottom! A monthly Hangout to update you with my progress and to hear your reactions. Maybe a little discussion about what in the seven kingdoms happened in that last Game of Thrones episode (I’m a book reader. Seriously, did-that-different-thing-that-happened-differently-happen-to-be-different-for-a-reason?) Vote on things that I’ve come to a crossroads on. Vote for topics for short stories to happen between ‘seasons’. Other stories about other characters, other events, other times. Hell, other stories altogether!

The main course is my ongoing sci-fi fantasy series, The Towers of Adrala. You can read it either here or at If you’d rather digest it on an e-reader you can find the first book (for free!) in nearly every format for nearly every e-reader/tablet/phone at Your pledge is per chapter. A chapter of mine is roughly twenty to twenty-four pages of your average hardcover book (Six thousand words, on average). They’re often small stories of their own with a clear beginning, middle, and end (plus cliffhangers!). It typically takes me two to four weeks to rough, proofread, edit, bounce against my ever-so-patient soundboards, and revise one such chapter. I work full-time so my releases tend to lean more towards the four weeks rather than the two. As pledges increase I can work less at ‘that’ job and work more on ‘this’ one to tilt the releases more towards two weeks.

I write for my fans. I write to entertain. I write for fun. Ultimately, I write for myself. I am my target audience when I cram science and magic onto the same page. I’m a longtime reader and longtime gamer. I grew up on Isaac Asimov and Stephen King. I stayed up late playing Metroid and Zelda when I wasn’t nose-deep in Foundation or IT. I watched Full Metal Alchemist and Battlestar Galactica in awe. I invite you to take a peek at my work; if you’re a fan of any of the above you’ll find the fan in me amongst my words.  Perhaps I can make a fan out of you too :).

The adventure is told by four characters; Sye, the uncertain but charismatic prince; Pird, the loudmouthed prankster; Eris, the quiet bookworm; and Zook, the irritable and violent doctor. Their friendship to one another is unique, but strong. Their ongoing dialogue drives the story forward through the harrowing disasters that have erupted across Adrala and through the lonely dark of its towers.

Within this ongoing story you'll find flawed characters desperately trying to reconcile with themselves, each other, and the crumbling world around them. You'll find great ships and noisy carts powered by massive spring-powered engines; cities that bleed either water or fire; and powerful magic bound tenuously by logic and will. Shadowy puppeteers pull the strings of conspiracy that has dictated Adrala's history for millennia. An ancient force that once brought the world to the brink of destruction walks again and seeks to finish what it started.

Or so the four uncertain heros are told to believe.

$9 of $20 per chapter
Thank you for creating this kernel of support!  Gotta start somewhere and every little bit counts!
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