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You've given me money, that'd more than I've done for you. Thanks! You'll now have the patron role on my discord. You'll also have access to the commissions I do for my $20 patrons.

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Oh, wow, thanks. I should give you something so how about a drawing? send me a discord DM with a character and I'll do my best to draw them. Don't expect much.
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Why are you giving me your money?
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Seriously, thanks so much. At this point you can feel free to drop into the live chat on discord at any time to play with us or just hang out.
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About Andrewolv

Hi, I'm Andrew. I'm a dumb kid who decided to make a Patreon because if I do ever get popular I would forget. I do TTRPG stuff on my Twitch and Youtube. Also I do draws sometimes.
Even if you don't donate, feel free to ask me about joining anything; especially tabletop stuff. (Please I have too much free time)
I'm the Co-Creator of TurbulenceRPG, a freeform TTRPG system that probably wont end up going anywhere.
Also I'm on the Critical Fail Podcast, I GM and play. Watch it sometime:

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