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As a supporter you'll be given access to my feed where I'll post updates, WIPs and stuff that didn't make the cut
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Wow ok that's amazing thank you for believing in me so much, I don't have much to offer but I'd gladly give you my discord so we can chat sometime, I'd like to thank you personally




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About Androgyny

Thank you for checking out my music, it has always been a major part of my life and I'm glad that you decided to support it. Unfortunately I tend to be a perfectionist and that's why it usually so many songs don't make the cut! 

With your pledge, you'll gain access to the song graveyard, songs that I put work into but eventually scrapped, and you'll be the first to know what kind of music i'm working on.   
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Once I reach 200 per month, I'll be using the money to buy better and more professional sounding equipment, so sound quality recives a boost and everyone wins.
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