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About AnimatedGeek100

Hello! My name is AnimatedGeek100 (Carson in real life) and I'm looking for some beautiful people to donate to my patreon!
I'm a student at Webster University studying animation who's gain some traction on social media as a twitch streamer and (self described) Barbie influencer. My work is usually bright, poppy, and cute, but has been able to creep people out from time to time as well. 
For full disclosure, I haven't been known as the "best" at updating this patreon with new content, so please keep this in mind going forward. If you are going to donate I would recommend doing so because you want to support me and my work, not because you're looking forward to the potential rewards.
That said, I am looking to do better at offering said rewards by working more frequently outside of twitch streams, getting faster at completing works, and creating a schedule for myself. 
If you still decide to donate to me, then thank you so much! If you decide not to that's fine! Thanks for stopping by anyway!
Have a lovely day!
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*shrugs* Anyone got any ideas? 
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