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About AnimeNoel

INTRO:Hi everyone and thank you for visiting my Patreon page! I love anime and video games so much that I don't think I will ever get rid of my love for them. I am a Youtuber in which my channel will consists of ALL anime topics. If you take a look at my Youtube channel as of 10/2/19, my channel has a lot Senran Kagura videos and you are right! It is my favorite anime franchise and a HUGE supporter of both XSEEDGAMES and Marvelous, but like I said before, I want my channel to cover a lot of anime topics so not only will I make videos on anime video games, but anime shows as well!  I want to share my love of anime with the world and I have ways to go in order to be well known. It's going to be hard to do so and I lack many things, but I am ready for the journey. During the journey, I wish to interact with many of my friends, supporters, etc. because they and you potentially took the time to watch or check out my channel and it's an honor. 

WHY PATREON:I made a poll on whether if I should make a Patreon and look at this, my Patreon was created. I hope this goes well for everyone involved and having no backers here in Patreon does not mean I will lower my quality of my content. I will do my best to make my content be good for my audience.

 MY PROMISE TO YOU:Where I'm at now at less than 1,000 subscribers, with no job, and someone who lives in a family home, there's not much I could do if you were to back me up with more than $20, but to give you my thanks and a shoutout both on Twitter(@AnimeNoel) and on Youtube;however, as I continue to grow my channel and have higher revenue I will reward you greatly. This is my promise to you. If you want me to be more specific, say you pledged $50 today, then when the day comes when I become more popular, I will give something to you such as an anime figure or a special edition of an anime game or anime show like Fate Stay Night. I will never forget anyone's kind gesture and I hate to let people down.
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I dedicate a special video thanking my 10 patrons and I assure it won't be just a simple thank you in front of my webcam. ;) 
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